Village Decides to Regulate Video Games

And it's the last in the county to do so

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Village Decides to Regulate Video Games
They do things differently in the USA. Food, sport(s), math, loads of stuff. Over in the USA a village such as Hillcrest in Ogle County, Illinois, can regulate video games for its citizens.

Yes, in a country that dislikes government intervention and will fight off healthcare and gun control, awesomely the village council of Hillcrest is into regulation. Here's why and how:

According the the Rochelle News Leader: " The Village of Hillcrest approved several motions during the monthly meeting held Wednesday, Feb. 12. The village approved a motion to adopt an ordinance regulating video gaming. In a 5 to 1 vote, approval of this ordinance will incorporate the state law into the village codes, and will let license applicants know what is expected."

Village President Kim Whalen pointed out that, "While I realize that nobody is currently asking for a license, it was brought to my attention that we are one of the two last villages or communities in Ogle County to adopt such an ordinance. Everybody else has adopted it. It was recommended that this be set in place prior to anybody coming, just to have it on the books."

Just to get it on the books y'all.

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Epobirs 19 Feb 2014 10:19
This is pretty meaningless. A formality at best as the state would already apply within the village. It would only matter if they were seeking to go against the state law.
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