Caught On Film: The US Military & the Holodeck Game Trainer

Seriously.... and probably from Northrop Grumman

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Caught On Film: The US Military & the Holodeck Game Trainer
It had to happen. A Holodeck for the military definitely means a Holodeck in the home before too long. And it appears that the first link in that inevitable chain of events has already been forged in the USA.

Huge military contractor Northrop Grumman has developed the Virtual Immersive Portable Environment (VIPE) Holodeck and it may well be the thing that the USA's armed forces wants. See it in action below.

According to Wired, Brig. Gen. Michael Lundy, deputy commanding general at the Army Combined Arms Center, said, "For us to be able to execute realistic training — good training — we have to be able to bring that operational environment” into the virtual world.

“We want to get away from having multiple environments, virtual gaming and instruction, and go to one synthetic environment, get to a lower overhead and integrate the full operations process … according to the common operating picture.”

Ryan Frost, Northrop’s program manager for the VIPE Holodeck followed up with, “The great thing about virtual reality and gaming technology [is that] it’s moving so rapidly that really it has endless possibilities that we can do. If you can think it, we can create it, eventually.”

Check out the video. Frankly, we think it looks quite like a tent and back projection.


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