Amazon to Launch Games Console... Apparently

Sources talking of sub-$300 games machine from retail giant

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Amazon to Launch Games Console... Apparently
Several sources are claiming that a long-rumoured Android games console (a la the Ouya) is to appear sooner rather than later.

The console will, apparently, launch this year and will run an Android system on hardware base said to be designed by Lab 126, which also designs the Kindle.

VG247 reports that, "Senior publishing sources have been meeting with Amazon for a briefing on the hardware which currently goes by a number of different codenames and popular Android and iOS games have been used to demo the device."

The report also states that, " the Android console was due to launch last year but was delayed at the last minute and is now expected in 2014."

Techcrunch has added weight to this rumour by reporting that it hadm "heard from a reliable source that the hardware Amazon is building could be powered by a Qualcomm MPQ chip, which is the Snapdragon processor line the chipmaking company builds specifically for smart TV and set-top box devices."

Still, no matter the box... it's the games that will make or break it.


ergo 28 Jan 2014 15:41
It's true: devs have been talking to Amazon about it since at least last April.
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