Smartphone Gamepad Rings The Changes with New Design

Less Xbox... more useable?

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Smartphone Gamepad Rings The Changes with New Design
Samsung has released its new Smartphone GamePad into Europe with a UK release due shortly. The good news is that it looks like an actually usable device for your Android phone.

Unlike the previous version of the GamePad, this one is grey-black, metallic and doesn't look horrible. There are other changes too...

The controller also loses the previous convex analog sticks, replacing them with concave pads. Also gone are the AXYB labels, these have been replaced with spots.

Cnet reports that, "At 195g it's going to more than double the weight of your blower, but that may be a price worth paying for keeping your fingers out of the on-screen action.

"It'll work with any phone or phablet from 4 to 6.3 inches running Android 4.1, but it's 'optimised' for 4.3. An NFC chip inside automatically pairs it and the central Play button starts Samsung's accompanying Mobile Console app.

"Mobile Console is a new game store (yes, another one) that only features games that support the controller, so you know whatever you buy there is going to work with the pad, unlike the general Play Store. There are 35 games supported at launch, including Need for Speed Most Wanted, Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 4 and Prince of Persia."

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