E3 2013: Cops Called on Ouya Booth After Dispute With ESA

Founder says ESA isn't happy with Ouya's presence across the road.

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E3 2013: Cops Called on Ouya Booth After Dispute With ESA
Ouya, an open-source console initiative that has made over eight million dollars on Kickstarter, has decided to snub E3 in order to host a booth outside the LA Convention Centre. This led to a disagreement with the Entertainment Software Association which ultimately resulted in the police being called to the scene.

The ESA, which runs E3, apparently didn't take kindly to Ouya setting up its own booth in a parking lot across the road from the LA Convention Centre. According to Ouya founder Julie Uhrman, the ESA decided yesterday morning to rent out space in front of the company stand, to park trucks in line of sight. When Ouya rented the space in front of the trucks and set up shop again, the ESA reportedly called the police.

Urhman said that she believed the organisation was trying to prevent passers-by from spotting and engaging with the Ouya booth, and that it's unhappy that her company has decided to attend E3 without actually being in the LACC. Police went away after noticing that Ouya had the appropriate paperwork to sit in the space fair and square.

Now Urhman has said she will be upping the street team promoting the console, and that she has tried to contact the ESA about the situation with no response.

Source: IGN


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