The Binding of Isaac Survey Puts Remake in the Hands of Fans

Art style, target platforms and other things quizzed.

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The Binding of Isaac Survey Puts Remake in the Hands of Fans
Indie Flash game The Binding of Isaac is getting a full-scale remake for as-yet unannounced platforms - but Team Meat co-founder Edmund McMillen has been asking fans what kind of things they would like to see in the update.

In a survey posted on his blog, various elements such as graphical style, target platforms and experience with the original browser game are asked. McMillen posted four different art styles to whet the appetite of dungeon crawling cry-fans right here, and released a fifth on Twitter shortly after.

The Binding of Isaac remains a popular adventure game which sees you explore darkly themed rooms and battling twisted monsters. Cave Story and VVVVVV publisher Nicalis is working with McMillen in completely overhauling the game, including new dungeons and other elements that were not previously possible on the Flash platform.

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