"One-On-One Girl Action Fantasy" Advert Banned Downunder

Official antipodean advertising body does not want to be seen as ‘soft’

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"One-On-One Girl Action Fantasy" Advert Banned Downunder
The Australian newspaper is reporting that an advert for an unnamed Sony PlayStation game, “…used a computer-generated image of a young girl with a sexy voiceover that referred to ‘one-on-one girl action fantasy’”.

Says the paper:
”The Advertising Standards Board upheld complaints against the advertisements at its November meeting, saying they breached advertising guidelines about the portrayal of sexuality.
A source close to the board, which comprises 16 members of the business, arts, sports and academic communities and members of the public, said it had been keen to combat criticism that it was "soft" on the sexualisation of children.

OK, the unnamed game is, in fact, Tekken: Dark Resurrection and it's on the PSP, not the Playstation proper. And here’s what the complaint amounted to according to the Advertising Standards Board itself:

This television advertisement for a computer game begins in the style of late-night “adult” commercials and opens with a female voiceover
asking “Guys. Are you looking for a little one-on-one girl action fantasy?” As computer-generated images of three young women appear on screen the voice continues “Well Lili, Anna and Christie are waiting for you right now”. A short burst of game play is shown with martial arts action and noises, and a continuation of the female voiceover in an aggressive tone “Waiting to kick your **** ass, you ****. C’mon.”

Comments which the complainant/s made regarding this advertisement included the following:
The girl looks under the age of consent…That she is a computer-generated image is, I believe, irrelevant to the issue that an image of a child is being sexualised.

Comments which the advertiser made in response to the complaint/s regarding this advertisement included the following:

Our intent was humour not offence.

The premise of the ad is indeed taking the well-known “late-night” adult advertising and subverting it, so that rather than being passive women, the characters are shown as dominant and assertive over the type of man that might have fallen for the initial set-up. With the intended take-out being that the characters “punish” male viewers who “fall” for the advertising, by threatening to beat them up – NOT provide and sexual gratification.

It is also our understanding that all of the characters within the game are intended to be adults. There was certainly no intention to sexualise a child within the advertising.

The Advertising Standards Board (“Board”) considered whether this advertisement breaches section 2 of the Advertiser Code of Ethics (the “Code”).

The Board viewed the advertisement several times and considered whether the advertisement contravened the provision of the Code dealing with sex, sexuality and nudity.

In particular, the Board considered the first shot of the advertisement which depicted a computerised image of a young girl. The Board agreed that the girl - although clearly a computer-generated image – appeared to be well under the age of sexual consent.

The Board then considered the image in the light of the voiceover which the Board considered to be highly sexual in nature. The Board agreed that the sexual nature of the voiceover strongly sexualised the image of a child. The Board did not accept that the computer-generated nature of the image was relevant to whether or not it depicted a sexualised child. The Board considered that the use of an image of a child in an overtly sexual context was a depiction that was not sensitive to the relevant audience, or any audience.

The Board found that the advertisement contravened the section Code 2.3 of the code dealing with sexuality.

The Board therefore upheld the complaint.”


Rustman 24 Nov 2006 09:14
Yet another knee-jerk over-reaction by the Australian media. Who would have thought that generations of criminals would evolve into high and mighty nanny-state right-wingers?
RiseFromYourGrave 24 Nov 2006 10:34
the colonists grow unruly
Joji 24 Nov 2006 12:43
This is over the top. Seems the u.k ain't so bad after all.

I think the position that a character looks underage is unfair. Characters have to appeal to their audience and first and foremost Tekken DR is a foreign product. To pull this ad up like this they'd have also pull up similar others, like they are all trying to get into a night club.

Tekken also has older characters too. I see nothing wrong with the direction of the ad was taking, especially in Australia, where prostitution is legal. The ad is tryin to lure your male guard down, then slap you round your chops for thinking those male thoughts. Its clever in this regard as ads should be.

I wonder which characters they are speaking of looked underage (probably Xiaoyu)? Perhaps if they'd played the game they'd know the characters age and chill out.

Videogames once again being judged for no reason. And they can us whingers in the u.k?
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